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Field Day 2012 Mixtape

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Before any clever clogs point out to me that there’s no way I can see all the bands on this list due to those painful festival clashes we all suffer at times I am fully aware. That’s what getting drunk is for, those flippant decisions that you can regret the morning after. Still, they’re the bands and artists I am most giddy about for Field Day this Saturday. You can play the mixtape on Spotify or YouTube.

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May 30, 2012 at 8:54 am

Sunday Swoon. May 27th

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Charles Dickens, Beach House and Wes Anderson. Providing magic for the heart and soul….

1. My friend leaned over to me during Beach House at The Village Underground and whispered “she sounds like God”. I can’t top that for words. I struggle to think of anyone that sounds as unique as Victoria Legrand without going back to the days of Nico. What keeps your eyes fixed on this woman is that so rare element of mystery. The tracks they played are on this spotify playlist, personal highlights being Turtle Island, Other People, Zebra and New Year. Village Underground is also a fantastic venue, intimate with a sound system that fills up every inch of air.

2. I am ashamed to say I had never visited The Museum of London, nestled in that sci-fi strange but beautiful area in Barbican. Charles Dickens is the man who finally got me through the doors. Inspiring exhibition which took in his relationships not only with London but the people he surrounded himself with. I was unaware just how much Mr Dickens cared for women’s rights (although now I see clearly in his books that he was). He built Urania Cottage in Shepherds Bush, a home for destitute women. He also personally arranged for 56 ‘fallen women’ to begin new lives in Australia. He’s my new feminist hero.

Standing in front of his writing desk and chair, drafts of well-known books, even a shopping list to his servant for “a cooked ham and pork pie from Fortnum & Mason’s” amazed me. These artefacts and trinkets from the past have survived for us to be inspired and amazed by. Exhibition runs until June 10th so there is still time to visit.

 3. Wes Anderson is hands down my most cherished film maker, he has never disappointed me. The attention to detail, the tiny intricacies, the almost graphic novel feel to his films that are tinged with heart-breaking emotions (feeling so alone in the world, misunderstood, disconnected, childish innocence) tug at my heart every time without fail. I don’t want to give anything away about Moonrise Kingdom so all I will say is every character is adorably quirky, the soundtrack is predictably genius and you should all go and see it.

4. Just as Foxbase Alpha was a soundtrack to my awkward teen years Saint Etienne’s Words & Music will now become part of mildly less awkward thirties. Released this week it’s been my accompaniment to balmy walks through London after work as I weave my way onto the sunny side of the street. Inexplicably it brings the seaside to the city for me, and I also adore the soft soothing singing from Sarah Cracknell, its like an old friend.

5. I scoffed down my first ever Banh Mi this week and my stomach just really needs to tell you how amazing it was. This is a Vietnamese baguette stuffed with pickled carrots, coriander, cucumber and grilled meats. This particularly one that I drooled over had pork belly, Vietnamese sausage AND pate. Not one for the vegetarians I’m afraid (sorry Morrissey fans)! If you happen to know a place that you consider serves the best Banh Mi in London please tip me off? 

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Don’t Be Fooled Again

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A few weeks ago a whole ton of folk were yet again fooled by the media when a certain newspaper set up a lady to be the focus of our naivety. This particular newspaper isn’t the sole offender and this isn’t a new tactic. I suspect if we look back in history we’ve always been groomed to feel jealousy and competition towards the fairer sex. The whispers behind the fans and laced gloves directed at the Duchess of Devonshire, the glares at Cleopatra as she made her way down the Nile.

It’s just that I had lofty expectations we’d grown out of this behaviour and seen it for what it is. Bullying.

Someone is set up, whether it be a self penned article from someone “just like us” edited to make us gawk and spit our tea over our laptops or newspapers. Or a photo of a celebrity with “the dream” lifestyle. Cheap (and usually unintelligent) shots are fired, outrage rages to boiling point, and all the while those that set us up sit back, rub their hands and say “Ha ha! the fools took the bait yet again. Right, who’s put on a bit of weight recently in the celebrity world? Let’s run a piece on that next”.

I am tired of the media shouting “You have to hate this woman” at me, equally tired of the guilty who are falling for it and adding fuel to the fire by hurling insult and abuse.

I try to always be a good and kind person. I had terrible acne as a teenager and to say the bullying I received crippled my confidence growing up would be putting it lightly. To say that it made me acutely aware of how flippant jokes, remarks and statements can be seen by the person on the receiving end is a blessing.

Don’t be fooled again brilliant people, we are far too media savvy for that now aren’t we?

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May 22, 2012 at 12:29 pm

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The Letter ‘H’ Mixtape.

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This weeks mixtape is delivered by the letter H. A twinge of Prince in Holy Ghost’s Do It Again, a lot of 90’s grunge from Hole and a heartfelt sigh from The Horrors.

Some bands have to be experienced live and Holy Fuck were something I stumbled on at Glastonbury one year, if you can picture a bunch of nerdy boys hunched over strange looking machines with minute features and tiny intricacies then you’re part way close to understanding them. I’m not entirely sure they translate so well just be listening to them but I wanted to include them for muddy knee cider memories.

If you’re a Spotify user click here to play the mixtape and if you’re a YouTube purist click here to play the videos, definitely worth watching the Peter Serafinowicz directed video for Night & Day which was released a mere 24 hours ago.

        1. House of Love – Destroy The Heart                                              
        2. Harry Nilson – Jump Into The Fire
        3. The Horrors – Still Life
        4. Hooray For Earth – True Loves
        5. Hot Chip – Night & Day
        6. Holy Ghost – Do It Again
        7. Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen
        8. Hole – Awful
        9. Harry Belafonte  Day-O
        10. Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams     

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May 22, 2012 at 10:07 am

May 16th Mixtape – Wedding DJ

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This week I have learnt it is far easier to make a nine-hour playlist than it is to make a marzipan Morrissey. While making a cake topper has eluded me (so far) the music selection for my sisters & faux bro’s wedding has not. Those nine hours were eventually whittled down by half, still a lot more than is required of me. Here is a random selection of ten tracks that made the final cut. I reluctantly admitted that Azealia Banks 212 was not entirely appropriate. However I maintain I have a future career as a bad wedding DJ calling me.

My ridiculously handsome parents on their wedding day (I suspect I was the milkman and Avon ladies offspring).

You can play this mixtape on Spotify or YouTube.

            1. Otis Redding – Love Man
            2. Bugsy Malone – You Give A Little Love
            3. Haircut 100 – Fantastic Day
            4. Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up
            5. Space – Me & You Vs The World
            6. Alabama Shakes – I Found You
            7. The Clash – Train In Vain
            8. The Proclaimers – Lets Get Married
            9. Morrissey – You’re The One For Me Fatty
            10. Pulp – Do You Remember The First Time

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May 16, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Sunday Swoon. May 13th

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Naughty words in 12A films, a bee singing in a cafe and Richard Hawley with PMT….

1. Beautiful gig at The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green on Tuesday night for Sea of Bees even if a small, narrow venues mean I spend a lot of time on tip-toes straining to see. She is perfection live, understated and an endearing mix of vulnerability and charm. Highlights including Gnomes, Skinnybone and a cover of  John Denver’s Leaving On A Jet Plane. Would recommend this venue to Londoners, bargain drink prices, decent looking menu and intimate setting for music. However, get there early to ensure a clear view.

2. I picked this book up on Tuesday morning as I dashed out the house and realised I had no reading material in my bag (and therefore risked eye contact with strangers. scary) & I couldn’t put it down. I was reading it under my desk at work (the book concealed under the desk, not I). For anyone who adores words and has a streak of geekiness in them then The Etymologicon by Mark Forsyth (The Inky Fool) is a must read. Engaging, educational, quirky and delicious. Left me pondering whether Destiny’s Child know they’re sang about burglars in bugaboo?

3. I hate spoilers so I shan’t say much about Avengers Assemble other than it was epically brilliant with moments of comedic aceness. Also, I doff my cap to Joss Whedon for getting the word ‘Quim’ into a 12A unnoticed. If you happen to be one of the few that’s not been enticed by this yet then it’s well worth the extortionate cinema prices.

4. Richard Hawley has gone all dark and mardy and it suits him. No more poetic wanderings through the streets, no more lamenting over the end of a relationship at Valentines. Standing At The Sky’s Edge is exposed, raw and something has given him the hump. It suits him.

5. The Cribs have also released their album In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull this week. It’s tin-can gritty chip your tooth drunk, harking back to the early, less slick, days of The Cribs. Therefore it is bloody excellent.  

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The Letter ‘G’ Mixtape.

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This weeks mixtape is delivered by the letter G. For regular readers I am sure you’re bored with me harping on about Grimes now, once we’re past this letter I’ll stop shoehorning her into blog posts. Those of a certain era will appreciate Gene, underrated band from those indie days. Lastly, if you’ve never seen Grace Jones hula-hoop the entire way through Slave To The Rhythm you’ll never know the true meaning of sexy.

If you’re a Spotify user click here to play the mixtape and if you’re a YouTube purist click here to play the videos.

    1. Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm
    2. Grimes – Genesis
    3. Groove Armada – Time & Space
    4. Garbage – Queer
    5. Ginette Garcin – Crescxipropanediol
    6. God Help The Girl – Perfection As A Hipster
    7. Gene – Your Love, It Lies
    8. Grinderman – Palaces Of Montezuma
    9. Ghostpoet – Us Against Whatever
    10. Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman
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May 10, 2012 at 9:14 am

Sunday Swoon. May 6th

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A comic book makes me want to run away to Paris and Mystery Jets welcome return…

1. I am guessing that every music lover out there has whiled away some well spent hours this week perusing the John Peel archive thanks to the Centre for Creative Arts. I believe the aim is to upload 100 albums per week up to October from John Peel’s vast and legendary record collection, sessions and radio shows. Think of it as Spotify but with soul and love, and no awful records. Visit the website and lose yourself in the archives. I implore you.

2. In my state of frequent Tinnitus insomnia I sometimes plough through a book in a night and this morning I finished French Milk by Lucy Knisley. Such a beautiful journal. A tale of five weeks in Paris with her mum told through words, cartoons and photos. Charming, unique and conjures up such a strong sense of the smells, taste, views of Paris that I want to elope right now.

3. Mystery Jets consistently release albums that instantly find their way to my heart. This week they released Radlands and despite some bonkers moments (The Hale Bop is a touch Scissor Sisters, indie does glam rock, works on a level I can’t get my head around but find myself singing along regardless) I instantly love this album. Opening three tracks especially.

4. I am certain people fall either side of the fence when it comes to The Gossip. I imagine for many they’re too pop, too mainstream. Whatever your opinions of their music the music world seems like a gobbier place when they’re around, Beth Ditto is transparent, ruthlessly honest and to hell with the consequences. I respect that approach. Interview and album stream on The Guardian’s site here.

5. I have a soft spot for Studio Ghibli films. For completely brainless reasons I like being distracted by the colours, fairytale, animation. I’m possibly regressing and trying to ignore reality but I’ll take escapism any day. This week I got lost in Ponyo

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May 2nd Mixtape

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I’ve been having one of those weeks where I’ve been immersed in music, my headphones haven’t left my head as I’ve been sat at my desk (working 9 – 6 so I have it one hour worse than Parton). This mixtape is an attempt to sum up what I seem to have been listening the most. Kwes and Beach House notching up the most plays.

You can play on Spotify or YouTube and then once you’re done listening dash off to your local record store and treat yourself to whomever you toe-tapped the most to. Enjoy.

  1. Daughter – Home
  2. Zulu Winter – Silver Tongue
  3. Kwes – Bashful
  4. Cornershop – What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag?
  5. White Rabbits – Temporary
  6. Lianne La Havas – Lost & Found
  7. Cate Le Bon – Fold The Cloth
  8. Hollie Cook – Milk & Honey Dub
  9. Hooded Fang – Tosta Mista
  10. Alt J – Breezeblocks
  11. Tom Williams & The Boat – Teenage Blood
  12. Grimes – Genesis
  13. Jack White – Sixteen Saltines
  14. Foe – A Handsome Stranger Called Death
  15. Best Coast – The Only Place
  16. Beach House – Myth
  17. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero’s – Man On Fire
  18. Santigold – The Riots Gone

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May 2, 2012 at 9:17 am