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Sunday Swoon. May 6th

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A comic book makes me want to run away to Paris and Mystery Jets welcome return…

1. I am guessing that every music lover out there has whiled away some well spent hours this week perusing the John Peel archive thanks to the Centre for Creative Arts. I believe the aim is to upload 100 albums per week up to October from John Peel’s vast and legendary record collection, sessions and radio shows. Think of it as Spotify but with soul and love, and no awful records. Visit the website and lose yourself in the archives. I implore you.

2. In my state of frequent Tinnitus insomnia I sometimes plough through a book in a night and this morning I finished French Milk by Lucy Knisley. Such a beautiful journal. A tale of five weeks in Paris with her mum told through words, cartoons and photos. Charming, unique and conjures up such a strong sense of the smells, taste, views of Paris that I want to elope right now.

3. Mystery Jets consistently release albums that instantly find their way to my heart. This week they released Radlands and despite some bonkers moments (The Hale Bop is a touch Scissor Sisters, indie does glam rock, works on a level I can’t get my head around but find myself singing along regardless) I instantly love this album. Opening three tracks especially.

4. I am certain people fall either side of the fence when it comes to The Gossip. I imagine for many they’re too pop, too mainstream. Whatever your opinions of their music the music world seems like a gobbier place when they’re around, Beth Ditto is transparent, ruthlessly honest and to hell with the consequences. I respect that approach. Interview and album stream on The Guardian’s site here.

5. I have a soft spot for Studio Ghibli films. For completely brainless reasons I like being distracted by the colours, fairytale, animation. I’m possibly regressing and trying to ignore reality but I’ll take escapism any day. This week I got lost in Ponyo

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