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Sunday Swoon. July 14th 2013.

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1. The original Sugababes line up, now Mutya, Keisha, Siobhan have released the full length Dev Hynes produced track Flatlines to the world. My pop tart side definitely coming out.

2. Leaving aside the fact that the video creeps me out slightly Julia Holter has released another clever and complex track In The Green Wild.

3. Phoenix were a Glastonbury highlight for me. I couldn’t have asked for any other band to officially close the Sunday night and if I tell you how many times I’ve watched their set back on iPlayer in the space of two weeks you’d worry. The video for Trying to be Cool gets the point of the track entirely.

4. Time to bring out the inner hipster. Ariel Pink featuring Jorge Elbrecht track Hang on to Life. Track of the week for me.

5. I’m not a fan of the Manic Street Preachers but adore their latest track Rewind the Film featuring Richard Hawley (that man probably being the reason why I’ve connected with this). The video is beautifully shot, bleak and melancholy.

Sunday Swoon. February 17th 2013.

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1. The extremely generous 6 Music put on another set of free gigs at Maida Vale Studios and I was lucky enough to be front row with Jo for Richard Hawley on Valentines day (unlucky with camera’s picking up geeky side profile whoops and clapping shots). I loved the acerbic wit and cynicism from Hawley as much as I enjoyed watching him perform. All his albums hold a special place in my heart and it was perfect to finally see him live in such an intimate setting. Photo’s from the session on my Flickr.

2. Everyone I know adored Silver Linings Playbook, so like the book snob I am I decided to read the original book by Matthew Quick first. It’s a beautiful read, full of charming flaws and beautiful intimate moments. I would highly recommend it. I watched the film shortly after finishing it. The credits should read “really loosely based on the book”. Even small but significant moments in the book were eradicated or changed for no reason I could grasp (like a song choice which has important narrative attached to it for example). I would advise anyone to read the original and ditch the film.

3. After stumbling into the John Peel tent during Glastonbury 2011 and being hypnotised by Darwin Deez live I have been itching to see him again. He was in my top 5 at Glastonbury that year, a unique performer. Last week at Heaven (to a remarkably young audience, or I’m getting terribly old) he immediately transported me back to a very happy place. Who doesn’t love insane but tightly choreographed dance routines littered through their gig!

4. Vic Reeves has an art exhibition at The Strand Gallery called Hot Valve Leak: Visual Ramblings of Vic Reeves. And it is a ramble. At times bonkers and at other times classic seaside scenes. It shows there is more depth to him than what we grew up with on TV. The exhibition is free and worth a visit for inspiration and giggles.

5. On the day Foals third album Holy Fire was released I was lucky enough to be wedged in front of the tiny stage at Rough Trade East with friends to watch them perform live. The new songs sound gigantic live, like no room can contain them. It was also beautiful to hear Spanish Sahara at the end of the set. Adore this band deeply, and My Number has to rival any song as an “it’s over” anthem.

The Letter ‘R’ Mixtape.

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The Letter R Mixtape.

Looking at the final ten I have so many memories of seeing these artists live. If rumours are to be believed then I may well be adding The Rolling Stones to that list at Glastonbury next year, a life’s dream achieved.

Roxy Music with a bunch of Mods at Isle of Wight Festival, R.E.M under the stars (honestly, that night is rather hazy, I know it ended with fireworks). Rufus Wainwright at Kenwood House, surrounded my middle-class picnics while we swigged cans of red stripe grinning at Helena Bonham-Carter. The Rakes at the 100 Club, ending in a very odd conversation with lead singer Alan Donohoe that still puzzles me to this day.

This was a tough one, aside from having to pick one track from some of the artists back catalogues featured I had a long list. Some of the artists I painfully left out including Randy Newman, The Raveonettes, Rod Stewart, Rebel MC and Rilo kiley.

You can play my letter R mixtape on Spotify or YouTube. Also, if you haven’t seen the Sam Taylor-Wood directed video to R.E.M’s Uberlin do click play below. It’s a thing of beauty. 

  1. The Rakes – We Are All Animals
  2. Richard Hawley – Down In The Woods
  3. The Rolling Stones – Miss You
  4. Roisin Murphy – Let Me Know
  5. Roxy Music – Oh Yeah
  6. R. Dean Taylor – There’s A Ghost In My House
  7. Rodriguez – Sugar Man
  8. Radiohead – High And Dry
  9. R.E.M. – Uberlin
  10. Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk

Sunday Swoon. May 13th

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Naughty words in 12A films, a bee singing in a cafe and Richard Hawley with PMT….

1. Beautiful gig at The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green on Tuesday night for Sea of Bees even if a small, narrow venues mean I spend a lot of time on tip-toes straining to see. She is perfection live, understated and an endearing mix of vulnerability and charm. Highlights including Gnomes, Skinnybone and a cover of  John Denver’s Leaving On A Jet Plane. Would recommend this venue to Londoners, bargain drink prices, decent looking menu and intimate setting for music. However, get there early to ensure a clear view.

2. I picked this book up on Tuesday morning as I dashed out the house and realised I had no reading material in my bag (and therefore risked eye contact with strangers. scary) & I couldn’t put it down. I was reading it under my desk at work (the book concealed under the desk, not I). For anyone who adores words and has a streak of geekiness in them then The Etymologicon by Mark Forsyth (The Inky Fool) is a must read. Engaging, educational, quirky and delicious. Left me pondering whether Destiny’s Child know they’re sang about burglars in bugaboo?

3. I hate spoilers so I shan’t say much about Avengers Assemble other than it was epically brilliant with moments of comedic aceness. Also, I doff my cap to Joss Whedon for getting the word ‘Quim’ into a 12A unnoticed. If you happen to be one of the few that’s not been enticed by this yet then it’s well worth the extortionate cinema prices.

4. Richard Hawley has gone all dark and mardy and it suits him. No more poetic wanderings through the streets, no more lamenting over the end of a relationship at Valentines. Standing At The Sky’s Edge is exposed, raw and something has given him the hump. It suits him.

5. The Cribs have also released their album In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull this week. It’s tin-can gritty chip your tooth drunk, harking back to the early, less slick, days of The Cribs. Therefore it is bloody excellent.  

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Sunday Swoon. February 19th

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Fourth Sunday swoon. Curry, Art & Music….

1. My love affair with the British Museum is ever-growing, a fortnight ago I fell in love with the Norman Foster roof, I could have laid down and watched the sky turn from ocean blue to velvet-black (curators at The British Museum can you fix it for me to sleep over one night please? I’ll behave). Last night I made a pilgrimage to the Grayson Perry exhibition, I blogged about it yesterday and you can read it here if you missed it. This article in The Guardian by the man himself is also worth a read.

2. After many thwarted attempts I finally got to try out the Kennington Tandoori on Thursday, my soon to be brother-in-law has never once failed with restaurant suggestions and this is his go-to Indian restaurant when in London. I’ve always thought Tayyabs would be impossible to topple from my top slot but after scoffing their Nilgiri Murgh (a chicken dish heavy on the mint, not like anything I’ve tried before) I am hooked. Can’t recommend it enough to any foodies out there. Also adored the map of India printed in their menu (above). 10/10 for the KT.

3. Ever underrated Field Music get my album of the week, it neatly takes me from flat to desk in 35 minutes. This is their fourth album, it’s short and sweet. I love the simple melodies mixed with the complex music on this album. You can listen to Field Music for free here if you’re curious (via Spotify)

4. For the first time in many many moons I gave a flying toss about the song at the top of the charts this week. I tell you what, it was a nice feeling. Took me back to my teenage years spent squatting in front of the tape deck with my hand hovering over play and record, ready to tape the top 40. Also, allowed a tiny bit of faith to creep into my bones over folk showing some good taste (eek! hope that doesn’t sound snobby?). Congratulations to Gotye.

5. Something about Richard Hawley sends me into a proper tizz, weak at the knees, glazed over adoration. He’s popped up on a B-side collaboration with indie cool kids Arctic Monkeys on this track You & I. It’s dirty, gritty, dark and he utterly steals the limelight on this track. 

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