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There Are Minotaurs In The Tunnels

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I took two trips to The Old Vic Tunnels to see what Lazarides had created, with the help of an eclectic range of artists, in The Minotaur exhibition. The first was a surprise for Lolita (who two years ago would have ridiculed all art so that fact he now actively engages with exhibitions proves that he has come through puberty. Fact). The second visit was owing to the fact I am an idiot most of the time and deleted the most amazing photographs from the first visit. I don’t claim to be the proud owner of great knowledge in art, theatre, politics or anything for that matter. But I get excited and enthused by things and stuff and all sorts that engage me. Hence the geek out posts about exhibitions from time to time.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story of The Minotaur, Aphrodite was offended by King Minos of Crete boastful and arrogant ways so she compelled his Queen to fall in love with a bull. As we are in the territory of Greek Mythology this union resulted in the birth of a creature with the head of a bull and the body of a human. The Minotaur was hidden away in a labyrinth and its hunger could only be sated by feeding on youthful, unwed virgins. The most stunning, beautiful men and women were offered up to The Minotaur until Theseus swore he would slay it. He promised his father Aegeus that he would display a white sail if victorious on his return.

When Theseus arrived in Crete his mission was  aided by King Minos’ daughter Ariadene who provided a ball of twine so Theseus could trace his steps back through the labyrinth after he killed the beast. On his return home to Athens he deserted Ariadene and took her sister Phaedra as his lover instead. As he sailed towards home he was distracted with victory so much that he forgot to fly the white sails. His father, waiting on top of the cliffs for his sons return, presumed he had failed and threw himself to death, dashed on the rocks below.

The location for an exhibition dedicated to this tale could not have been any more perfect, just when you thought you were finished viewing Zak Ove strange Zulu models and skulls you’d step back only to have a looming shadow of The Minotaur projected on the bare bricks above your head, cast by cleverly spaced works coming together. Atma’s crucified beast threw a shadowed cross across the floor, over candles, up to the domed ceilings. Female street artist Lucy McLauchlan created a robotic style beast that looked like it was created from a barren tip but as you look closer again those shadows cast mighty horns and faces appear at the feet of the monster.

However it was David Fosters visual art that I was transfixed by on both visits.  A pitch black room with an installation emitting a vibrant yet eerie glow that morphed into faces, space, galaxies, creatures, wisps of electric blue smoke and of course The Minotaur.

Lolita claimed every new shape looked like a vagina and went back to look at the huge ball of rats as it reminded him of Neil Gaimans Neverwhere, on this occasion created by David Falconer. Not sure what Freud would have to say about that.

It felt like we were somehow being let in on a secret and I relished every moment of my feet clopping across the cobblestones. It was at times playful. Stanley Donwoods, Radioheads official artist, maze blinded you with strobe lights, mirrored rooms and ultraviolet glows that turned Lolita’s nails green. Equally I was taken with the sadness in Anthony Micallef’s beautiful paintings. Hands down the best exhibition I have ever been too and will be intrigued to see what they come up with next.

Photos from the exhibition can be found on Flickr.

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November 2, 2011 at 12:15 pm

August 20th Mixtape

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Friday night after drinks with a friend I found myself wandering around London with my camera. I was cold, a bit drunk, feeling run down, a bit bloody scared of the future as I’ve recently been made redundant, also slightly relieved as I was miserable at my last placement. Above all these emotions I felt a massive need to fall in love with London again.

All week I’d reminded myself how much I love it here, a drink alone in The Endurance, a walk around streets where the old buildings are allowed to co-exist with the new, inspiring drinks with my dearest friend, geeking out in Gosh! and surprise lunches from Lolita.

Unemployment scares the shit out of me frankly, I’ve never been out of work. This week the following panics have gone through my mind. What if I have to move to Milton Keynes? What if I start going loopy and try to grow my armpit hair? What if I have to work in Chicken Cottage? I don’t know why any of these thoughts have haunted me, but they have.

Where I’m lucky is that I’m really self-motivated and haven’t let this crush me (entirely) so I’ve been overly proactive on the job hunt. Where I’m even luckier is I have a lot of people who really believe in me, unconditionally and without question. They have kept me buoyed.

Music has played a massive part in keeping me positive as well. The songs that came on the jukebox at just the right time when I was sat alone and feeling down. Songs that have made me think anything is possible. Songs that keep me connected to all the things I adore in my life. You can listen to them by clicking anywhere on this post that says mixtape.

Last weeks mixtape was dedicated to strangers that inspired me. This weeks mixtape is for those that have been pretty awesome to me this week, putting up with the phone calls, the moodiness around the flat, the pints purchased and especially Lolita who has talked me out of my moments of Milton Keynes madness.

  1. Moloko – Familiar Feelings
  2. Metronomy – The Look
  3. Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
  4. CSS – Music Is My Hot Sex
  5. John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett – Really Free
  6. Billy Bragg – A New England
  7. The Kinks – This Time Tomorrow
  8. Band Of Horses – Factory
  9. My Morning Jacket – The Day Is Coming
  10. Bon Iver – Holocene
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Written by Anon PA

August 21, 2011 at 9:17 am

July 10th Mixtape

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Happy Sunday Evening Music Lovers!

I am a WRECK today. It was Lolita’s birthday bash yesterday, tons of us all crammed on to his Mum’s wonderful, magical house boat in fancy dress. I honestly can’t remember seeing anyone without a drink in their hand, especially my flat mate and Lolita’s mum who seemed to egg one another on to some huge gin-fest! The boy looked very happy, which is the main thing.

I took a chalk board and, in secret, asked everyone there to write one word that sprang to mind when they think of him. Then took their portrait with my new kick-ass wide-angle lens. Super fun project and well received when he finally saw the album I put together today. Feel free to plagiarise for your loved ones when the occasion arises.

Perhaps my favourite moment was rowing out on the Grand Union Canal at midnight in a little boat with the flatmate & partner. Why anyone in their sane mind thought that was a great idea I don’t know, but after passing a ‘rave boat’ playing 90’s techno we dedicated our row to singing 90’s songs. All the stars were out, bats were skimming over the water ahead of us as we sang Seal – Kiss From A Rose (is the song I remember most vividly). I love that level of drunk where any rhyme or reason leaves you open to special and random moments.

I don’t love the level of drunk where you hit the decks LITERALLY. I am typing this one-handed so it’s taking me a while. It’s always me that is the casualty, drunk or sober. Six years ago I broke my wrist quite spectacularly & horrendously at a roller disco (again in fancy dress) and have had to be very careful with it since. Last night I slipped on the decking and as a result gave it a bashing again like the idiot I am (that could be my DJ name. Idiot.I.Am). As the night progressed it got worse… and worse…and worse. I was shaking all over like I had a fever, Lolita had passed out way past his bedtime. In my head trying to get back from the middle of nowhere to my flat just for strong painkillers & a wrist support seemed my best option. Except I couldn’t quite dress myself so ended up stumbling out in a mickey-mouse t-shirt he’d put on me for bed, my tights & a blanket wrapped around me. I remember thinking that my Mum would be very disappointed at how dirty my shoes were, nevermind the lack of bottoms. It all felt very Crimewatch reconstruction at 4am this morning.

But I battled on, made it home to bring you a mixtape that will be a bunch of random choices again, the last three tracks are for the birthday boy. Click on Spotify to play it. From my sickbed. Enjoy! 

  1. SBTRKT – Wildfire
  2. Cut Copy – Where I’m Going
  3. Yuck – Get Away
  4. All Saints – Pure Shores
  5. Pulp – Pink Glove
  6. Grinderman – Palaces Of Montezuma
  7. Oh Land – Wof & I
  8. Foals – Spanish Sahara
  9. Nick Drake – At The Chime Of A City Clock
  10. Cat Stevens – If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
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Written by Anon PA

July 10, 2011 at 7:14 pm

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The Most Beautiful Song

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“You always say my name, like I wouldn’t know it’s you. At your most beautiful”

R.E.M, At My Most Beautiful

If anyone out there is struggling for ideas for Valentines day just send them this song. I think this track is the most beautiful song ever penned, and I defy anyone who isn’t moved by the picture Michael Stipe paints of counting a lovers eyelashes when they are sleeping, “with every one whisper I love you”.

I’m not someone who partakes in Valentines day. I have gone out of the way this year by braving South of the Thames, Borough Market to pick up Pieminister Pies for my young lover (hereon known as Lolita). At the most he may remember to pick up the mash. We’re realists, not romantics. Saying that, music played a huge part in how we first became friends, it was our shared passion and continues to be. Sending one another youtube links to tracks we loved and wanted to share every day. I used to click on the links, breaking out in to a smile at certain tracks, or reading into the lyrics as a way of deciphering if it was a message, a hint.
Of course, don’t copy out the lyrics and attempt to pass this off as your own poetry or love letter. A music lover will sniff out lyrics at twenty paces. Like the time John-Paul Passmore copied out the lyrics to Michael Bolton’s track, How am I supposed to live without you, and slipped them into my maths homework. Epic Fail. ♥

PS Leave me a comment and let me know which songs you think are as beautiful, if they make me weep I’ll send you one of Morrissey’s buttons!

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May 23, 2011 at 11:57 am

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