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Sunday Swoon. May 27th

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Charles Dickens, Beach House and Wes Anderson. Providing magic for the heart and soul….

1. My friend leaned over to me during Beach House at The Village Underground and whispered “she sounds like God”. I can’t top that for words. I struggle to think of anyone that sounds as unique as Victoria Legrand without going back to the days of Nico. What keeps your eyes fixed on this woman is that so rare element of mystery. The tracks they played are on this spotify playlist, personal highlights being Turtle Island, Other People, Zebra and New Year. Village Underground is also a fantastic venue, intimate with a sound system that fills up every inch of air.

2. I am ashamed to say I had never visited The Museum of London, nestled in that sci-fi strange but beautiful area in Barbican. Charles Dickens is the man who finally got me through the doors. Inspiring exhibition which took in his relationships not only with London but the people he surrounded himself with. I was unaware just how much Mr Dickens cared for women’s rights (although now I see clearly in his books that he was). He built Urania Cottage in Shepherds Bush, a home for destitute women. He also personally arranged for 56 ‘fallen women’ to begin new lives in Australia. He’s my new feminist hero.

Standing in front of his writing desk and chair, drafts of well-known books, even a shopping list to his servant for “a cooked ham and pork pie from Fortnum & Mason’s” amazed me. These artefacts and trinkets from the past have survived for us to be inspired and amazed by. Exhibition runs until June 10th so there is still time to visit.

 3. Wes Anderson is hands down my most cherished film maker, he has never disappointed me. The attention to detail, the tiny intricacies, the almost graphic novel feel to his films that are tinged with heart-breaking emotions (feeling so alone in the world, misunderstood, disconnected, childish innocence) tug at my heart every time without fail. I don’t want to give anything away about Moonrise Kingdom so all I will say is every character is adorably quirky, the soundtrack is predictably genius and you should all go and see it.

4. Just as Foxbase Alpha was a soundtrack to my awkward teen years Saint Etienne’s Words & Music will now become part of mildly less awkward thirties. Released this week it’s been my accompaniment to balmy walks through London after work as I weave my way onto the sunny side of the street. Inexplicably it brings the seaside to the city for me, and I also adore the soft soothing singing from Sarah Cracknell, its like an old friend.

5. I scoffed down my first ever Banh Mi this week and my stomach just really needs to tell you how amazing it was. This is a Vietnamese baguette stuffed with pickled carrots, coriander, cucumber and grilled meats. This particularly one that I drooled over had pork belly, Vietnamese sausage AND pate. Not one for the vegetarians I’m afraid (sorry Morrissey fans)! If you happen to know a place that you consider serves the best Banh Mi in London please tip me off? 

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