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No Sh#t Sherlock!

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Someone once asked me if I was offended by the way woman are portrayed in Sex And The City. I remember being utterly perplexed. My response; “It’s a TV show, its entertainment, I don’t really feel the need to take it seriously”. Here I am again being asked the same question about yet another fictional character.

I’ve now watched Sherlock: A Scandal In Belgravia three times and frankly can’t see why so many people are up in arms over the portrayal of Irene Adler.

Had Dame Brenda Hale, an actual real human that exists, appeared in the Supreme Court scantily clad in Agent Provocateur and asked a man to bang her gavel because it’s too heavy for her to lift then yes, I am sure I’d have taken off my best bra and forlornly walked it down to the closest bonfire.

Not for one moment do I believe the writers of Sherlock are trying to send out subliminal messages for women to get back to the kitchen and never dare vote again, for men to only see us as either sexy or in the need of rescue. In fact, to me it was clear the quality Sherlock admired and respected in Irene Adler was her intelligence (unless I missed him giving her boob a cheeky honk-honk like a Carry On film in which case I will apologise). My other half certainly wouldn’t watch this and think “actually love, we’ve got this all wrong. Stop being independent and clever you silly girl. You just pout and I’ll bring home the bacon”.

We shouldn’t be looking to fictional characters (you know, pretend people who don’t actually exist) as role models IRL surely? I know these are woeful times. Who can we look too for inspiration as woman in the public eye. Louise Mensch? No. But here is the thing, I didn’t look to TV for my life lessons growing up. I looked to my parents and sisters for moral guidance, to learn right and wrong, independence.

I don’t take TV too seriously. Of course, if I did and something offended me deeply I’d just switch the channel over. We don’t even have to get off our bums to do that with these clever remote controls.

This week is Hounds Of The Baskervilles. Let’s hope the hounds are wearing suitable underwear and the RSPCA don’t get too riled.


Written by Anon PA

January 5, 2012 at 3:29 pm

3 Responses

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  1. It never occurred to me for a second while watching that Adler was anything other than an attractive, and more importantly, a smart woman – the quality that Sherlock himself was drawn to.

    Nobody said anything like this with the fabulous character of Alice Morgan in the series ‘Luther’ ( Another attractive and intelligent woman!


    January 5, 2012 at 3:34 pm

  2. I didn’t even realize people were up at arms about that. Of all the things in the world to get into a huff about they choose that?

    The Nate Gatsby

    January 22, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    • Yes, there was quite a backlash from the feminist faction for reasons I find puzzling and will now be outcast! You’re right of course, there are thing happening in the real world of more importance to get your knickers in a twist over!

      Anon PA

      January 22, 2012 at 9:44 pm

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