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Sunday Swoon. October 13th 2013.

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1. Pizza Pilgrims permanent home on Dean Street in Soho has stolen my heart. Although all that usually takes is somewhere that serves a Negroni (they do) the pizza’s here are the best in London served by happy smiles and polite staff (the complete opposite of how Pizza East seem to be serving people recently). Order the Napoli Salami and you’ll never look at a pepperoni again. I’ll be making many return visits for a pizza fix and next time I want to save room for Affogato (vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso). Two pizzas and four (alcoholic of course) drinks came to £36.50.

2. Aside from my sister chanting “Margaret Thatcher, milk snatcher” Have I Got News For You, and especially Ian Hislop, was the first thing to make me not only pay attention to politics and the press (closer bed fellows than we once thought) but to also make me question what I was being fed. That would have been as a teenager (it’s been running for twenty-three years). This week I got to sit in the studio audience, completely in awe and giddy with nerdy happiness. Amazing experience.

3. I was heartbroken when LCD Soundsystem called it a day. But my heart is slowly healing seeing as James Murphy is filling his time remixing, elongating and producing tracks from some of my favourite artists. This week his mix of David Bowie’s Love is Lost.

4. You only have one more week to see The Memory Palace at the V&A, it’s worth dashing to South Kensington for. Hari Kunzru latest work of fiction is a walk in book with illustrations from illustrators, designers and typographers, set in  future London. From lamenting the NHS to glimpses of our Olympic Village in ruins. You get to save one memory in this future. In the V&A you get to submit yours at the end.

Tony Ray-Jones. Approach.

Tony Ray-Jones. Approach.

5. The Science Museum has opened a Media Space and launches with Only In England. Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr. This runs until March 2014, photographers and people curious in our culture and social characteristics would find this fascinating. Both men documented English life, focusing on our seaside towns. Shots of Margate and Broadstairs especially giving me that warm cosy feeling of reminiscing of our family holidays to those destinations. Above is Tony Ray-Jones approach to photography tips, don’t take boring pictures being my favourite. Below is from his note-book.

“British characteristics and qualities. 

Love of tradition

Love of stability
Art of compromise & muddling through
Apathy & indolence [from the security of the welfare state]
A country lacking in drama and yet the people have a fine sense of drama”.

Sunday Swoon. 4th August 2013.

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1. Running until 29th September at Somerset House is I Only Want You To Love Me by Miles Aldridge. This is his largest retrospective to date and you’ll catch glimpses of how he sketches his ideas through to the final photo’s. His work focuses on women and colour and all his pieces certainly command your attention in their brightness and composition. Adored his take on religion especially.

2. New album from Fuck Buttons has been on repeat the past few weeks. Stalker and Hidden XS standout the most for me and it’s definitely worth listening to Slow Focus. Missed them at Glastonbury (clashed with The Rolling Stones) but hoping to catch them in London this September.


3. Fika on Brick Lane has turned into a Wes Anderson shrine. Curated by Dani Wes Kingdom is littered with film references (even down to replica’s of Wes Anderson’s made up books from Moonrise Kingdom) to cocktails including a tiny fish in a bag, a nod to Life Aquatic.

4. By some kind of karmic luck (a contact at V&A and the kind Anna on Twitter) we managed to get to the long ago sold out David Bowie Is at V&A. Unbelievably moving and inspiring. Other curators take note, this is the future of exhibitions, the headphones worked on sensors as you approached displays. Do what you can to get along on its final week, and if you can’t work a miracle then you can book tickets to the live cinema event.

5. The strange but beautiful video to Earthly Pleasures by Villagers is on their website. Definitely one of my favourite albums from this year and the accompanying music videos are always worth watching.

January 16th Mixtape. Postmodernism

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I visited the V&A’s Postmodernism Style & Subversion 1970-1990 exhibition yesterday so it feels fitting that I should pay tribute to the musicians that were considered part of this movement.

During the exhibition I tweeted how the only downside to exhibitions such as this can be the people who attend. Those that seem to think they know more than the people who have lovingly researched and curated what is on display. I am no art expert, in fact I am naive and uneducated when it comes down to it. I don’t mind admitting that I’d never heard of Ettore Sottsass before yesterday, but now I am in love with his crazy teapots designed as ‘super instruments in which to take drugs, have sex, listen to music and watch the stars’ (why oh why can’t all teapots be like that, making a brew will forever feel unfulfilling now).

I guess it just saddens and frustrates me that people feel the need to impress is greater than the need to pipe down and learn something new. The biggest fail was hearing one man speak in detail to his companion about how David Bowie was inspiring in Talking Heads as we stood below David Byrne’s ‘big suit’. Saying all that, the V&A once again delivered an insightful, educational, attention grabbing exhibition and I relished every moment spent there.

If I wasn’t being so true to the sounds of Postmodernism I’d have included CSS – Art Bitch on this playlist. Talking Heads, Grace Jones, New Order make up the tracks of that period, songs I grew up listening too as my sisters blasted them out of their bedrooms. Click here to play on Spotify, and here for YouTube.

  1. Devo – Whip It
  2. Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm
  3. New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
  4. Grandmaster Flash – The Adventures Of..
  5. Visage – Fade To Grey
  6. Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It
  7. Kraftwerk – The Robots
  8. Talking Heads – Girlfriend Is Better
  9. Joy Division – Shadowplay
  10. Klaus Nomi – Finale

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