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Sunday Swoon. December 16th

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1. John Grant has confirmed a new album Pale Green Ghosts will be released 11th March 2013 and has released a track of the same name this week. A touch of Wild Beasts about it, at least to my ears.

2. I swear on all that is good on this green earth that Bone Daddies cured my hangover by the time I got to the bottom of my bowl of Ramen, served up over a loud soundtrack with a diet coke. I had the Tantanmen, the chilli giving a massive kick to the rich and hearty bone broth. I’m not sure if it was The Rolling Stones blaring out or the food itself but I left with the hangover kicked to the kerb.

3. Easily in my top 50 tracks this year How To Dress Well has released an official video to & It Was U this week in conjunction with Urban Outfitters. A Spiritual gathering waiting for their leader to glide in on a Segway drapes in dandelion yellow. The only negative being I’d have liked for Tom Krell to have been riding it.

4. Two girl crushes, St. Vincent and Alexis Krauss, join my original girl crush Cyndi Lauper (dating back to The Goonies release date when I’d have been eight years old) on stage to perform Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Yes it’s an amateur video but that’s the beauty of the internet. We get to see these little moments happen. Oh yeah, and Rosie O’Donnell is on drums.

5. Although I’m not a huge fan of this particular track I adore this video. Winona Ryder reunited with director Tim Burton on Brighton Beach. I’m off to watch Edward Scissorhands.

Movies Mixtape Guest Blog

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For some time my long-standing talented side kick magicmaggenpie has been threatening to guest blog for me but she is easily distracted by shiny things glinting in the sun that catch her eye. On what must have been an overcast day with minimal distractions she finally sat down and provided me with her movies mixtape. Genuinely truly love this playlist, she has expert taste in films.

As always click here to play on Spotify and here to play on YouTube (as she’s a trendy bastard not everything was available on Spotify so for all the tracks opt for the tube version).

  1. Tyler Bates – Two Perfect Moments (Super. The most brilliant film I’ve seen this year. It’s violent and quirky but with tons of heart)
  2. The Marcels – Blue Moon (American Werewolf in Paris. The best tongue-in-cheek horror film ever? I think so)
  3. Harry Belafonte – Jump In The Line (Beetlejuice. A childhood favourite, and on of Tim Burton’s best)
  4. Penguin Cafe – Perpetuum Mobile (Mary & Max. Original, sad and funny and it’s animated)
  5. Clarence Frogman Henry – Ain’t Got No Home (The Lost Boys. Vampires and teenage boys slathered in 80’s style. Another childhood favourite)
  6. Nick Drake – Fly (The Royal Tennenbaums. Magnificent. Enough said)
  7. Yann Tierson – La Vaise D’Amelie (Orchestra Version) – (Amelie. Magical and perfect cinematography )
  8. The Faces – Ooh La La (From Wes Anderson’s Rushmore)
  9. Siouxsie & The Banshees – Hong Kong Garden (Marie Antoinette. Love the ballroom party scene this song accompanies)
  10. John Williams – The Ballroom Scene (Witches of Eastwick. Just magic)
  11. Cat Stevens – If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out (Harold & Maude. The cutest film ever. Maude rules. From Desk Till Dawn’s romance heroine?)

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