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The Letter ‘B’ Mixtape. Part 1

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It’s been tough getting this down to my self-imposed 10 track mixtape so I am splitting this into two posts, this is the first installment. Until I decided to conquer an alphabet playlist I had no idea my music collection was made up of so many bands/musicians beginning with the letter….

And before any smart asses leave comments saying “What the F! You left out The Beatles” I am fully aware of this and yes it’s intentional. I’m more of a Rolling Stones girl myself. That’s what I’d like on my gravestone. “Here lies Hannah. She was always more of a Stones girl”

If you’re a Spotify user click here to play the mixtape and if you’re a YouTube purist click here to play the videos.

1. Belle & Sebastian – Lazy Line Painter Jane  (In John Osborne’s must-see monologue for all music lovers, John Peel’s Shed, he mentions the number 1 rule in music is “all girls like Belle & Sebastian”. So utterly true).

2. Bow Wow Wow – Go Wild In The Country (An old colleague is married to drummer Dave Barbe, there were countless occasions where I clutched this on vinyl but chickened out when it came to asking her to have him sign it. Annabella Lwin was discovered singing at her saturday job in a dry cleaning shop, I don’t feel that she ever really got put on the plinth she deserves for being one of our great frontwoman. I literally worship this track).

3. Battles Featuring Matias Aguayo – Ice Cream (Non sensical grunting and groaning over plonky keyboards makes me smile until I’m sore. One of my favourite tracks from last year. Battles also have the most talented, insane, genius drummer)

4. The Bandana Splits – Sometimes  (I can’t remember which 6 Music DJ introduced me to this band but it was definitely one of them! If you like The Pipettes you’ll like this girl group. Trust me)

5. Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark (Glastonbury 2009. Bow down to The Boss. “I’m just tired and bored with myself” is one of my favourite ever lyrics, surely we can all relate to that feeling? I’d type more but literally… have to dance when I hear this song and I’m playing it right now…)

6. Black Keys – Howlin’ For You  (I was lucky enough to see these a couple of weeks back at Alexandra Palace and blogged how I firmly placed them into my “Fucking Living It” category. How are they from this generation? I swear Bill & Ted kidnapped them from the 70’s)

7. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows  (Seeing Brian Wilson perform this, a single blue spotlight illuminating this genius made fragile from a life of excess moved me to tears last year)

8. Braids – Lemonade  (There are certain songs I really, really, really want to hear in a field, with the sun setting and a gallon of ciders running through my insides. This song would also make that playlist)

9. Bloc Party – Two More Years (This track has got me though many a bleak time, I can’t think of any other song that whispers such hope tenderly into my ears. Listen to the lyrics “be brave, there’s a right way and a wrong way, this pain won’t last forever,” to “You don’t need to find answers for questions never asked of you”and “I know, my love, this is not the only story you can tell”. Kele should man the helplines, he knows exactly what to say in a crisis)

10. Bat For Lashes – Daniel (I definitely have a ‘type’ when it comes to my girl crushes. Alexis Krauss, Karen O and Natasha Khan. Not a blonde in sight)

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On Writing & Taking My Bra Off

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A week ago today I rushed from work down to The Royal Festival Hall to review Brian Wilson for Flush The Fashion. I was unprepared and disorganised (which is very ridiculous for a PA). At 33 it’s actually refreshing to feel inexperienced at something when so much in my life seems to be a matter of routine. Writing for a website is new territory for me, it’s exciting and terrifying. I get so excited about music that I skipped off without a care in the world.

Then my thought process kicked in…..

  1. I realised I didn’t have a pen which seemed like the ultimate rookie mistake. I tend to remember everything I need to (apart from what the boy Lolita swears he’s told me before) and I’ve worked with plenty of accountants that don’t always need a calculator. Ergo I don’t necessarily need a pen to write with. Of course I panicked when I got off at Waterloo and ended up paying £1.99 for one bic biro.
  2. When I took my seat I wished I’d paid more attention during GCSE music as I’m certain we covered Gershwin on the syllabus. But in 1991 I was way to busy listening to Prince & The New Power Generation, Diamonds and Pearls LP, on repeat to of concentrated fully. That’s when I had the revelation that approaching Gershwin like I approached my exams was exactly what I needed to do as that worked out just fine (i.e. zero revision, just turn up and see what happens)
  3. Then I realised just how uncomfortable I was, and the discomfort was all down to having had my bra on for thirteen hours. Not that I needed the encouragement, Twitter persuaded me to take it off. As the lights went down and Brian Wilson shuffled on to the stage I slipped it off. First one strap craftily slipped over one shoulder and over my arm and then zooommmmm, it was whipped off at lightning speed from the other strap. It makes you think whether that first pair of pants thrown at Tom Jones was really just someone in ill-fitting underwear?
  4. Everyone here is really very old but you can see the wonder on their faces as Brian Wilson and his band perform. This is exactly what The Cocoon wrap party was like, but with a band. I want to grow old like this.

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Written by Anon PA

September 23, 2011 at 11:08 am

September 19th Mixtape

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This weeks mixtape is being brought to you by a girl with a very sore head who is sincerely quite shocked that they exist without booze being the prelude. So I must forewarn you to start reading with low expectations. My weekend of skipping around Open House London was annoyingly cut short when on Saturday afternoon I had to finally admit to myself that I did actually have flu and wasn’t just trying to outdo the boy Lolita’s hangover.

Of course it could just be my body’s way of telling me to chill the flippin’ heck out. Last week wasn’t the best. Remember that job I blogged all excited about? Well three days in I discover the company are going down the swanny and will be closing at Christmas. Having just been through the panic of finding a job it’s unsettling to know you need to put yourself out there again. In this current climate job hunting takes time, energy – it’s a full-time job in itself. It’s rotten luck but what can I do but start all over again (while trying to dampen the simmering resentment currently bubbling away in the pit of my stomach). My flatmate has cleverly pitched this turn of events to me as a chance to sort out exactly what I want to do so I can “nail destiny up the arsehole”.

That low came after the excellent high of The Thames Festival and I also got to review Brian Wilson at The Royal Festival Hall for Flush The Fashion. All this on top off the aforementioned Open House. So in spite of bad news London still delivered culture, creativity and entertainment. Ever reliable beautiful London.

This weeks mixtape is as random as last week was for me. Just so you’re aware, the lyrics in Sleeper “Tore up all your photos, didn’t feel too clever, spent the whole of Monday, sticking you together”… I chuffin’ well love that line.

Click on mixtape to play via Spotify.

  1. Jose Germain – Tout Le Monde Veut Devenir Un Cat
  2. The Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby
  3. Pulp – Underwear
  4. Sleeper – What Do I Do Now?
  5. The Cribs – You Were Always The One
  6. Echo & The Bunnymen – Bring On The Dancing Horses
  7. Talking Heads – Slippery People
  8. Arctic Monkeys – Love Is A Laserquest
  9. Brett Anderson – Brittle Heart
  10. Television – Marquee Moon
PS. Yes that is a pretentious French version of Everybody wants to be a cat from Aristocats in case you’re wondering. Indulge me this once.

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Written by Anon PA

September 20, 2011 at 12:15 pm