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A Christmas Ten

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You can play this mixtape on YouTube or Spotify. A very Merry Christmas and here’s to a perfect New Year.


Sunday Swoon. December 9th

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All about the tunes…

1. Darwin Deez has returned this week with a track of his forthcoming album The Editorial Me. His videos always somehow strike a beautiful balance between humour and forlorn reality, his video for DNA always inducing a heartfelt sigh from me at the very end. A joyous, bizarre and uplifting Glastonbury highlight in 2011. Can’t wait to see him again in February.

2. Scott Walker has come out of his somewhat reclusive life to release Bish Bosch this week. Irrespective of how accessible some of his albums may be (I had a gloriously bizarre night at the Barbican celebrating his albums Tilt and Drift) he is a rare musical genius. Listen alone with open ears… it made me feel strange, in a way that only Scott Walker can.

3. This somehow escaped me last week. Veronica Falls with Teenage. A sort of upbeat song about giving up, I adore it and they should be in every music lovers record collection.

4. As if Darwin Deez cheering my life wasn’t enough Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds also made a return this week to keep me firmly grounded with We Know Who U R. How this man manages to make dark and menacing sound like the most inviting place in the world I’ll never fathom.

5. No new track to play you but just old-fashioned excitement that Phoenix are set to release a new album in April 2013 as reported by Pitchfork this week. Strangely I had been playing Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix pretty much on repeat this week. Some cosmic sign was telling me they would be back.

The Letter ‘N’ Mixtape.

I am fast approaching the letter Q which worries me, I think I may struggle with Q in the quest to mixtape every letter of the alphabet. N has been a pleasure though.

I run to N.W.A, I turn to Neutral Milk Hotel when I want to be in a better place and I go back to being an awkward teen at the mere mention of Nirvana. When I hear New Order I can smell my sisters mix of Christian Dior Poison, potent and sprayed in abundance to cover up the cigarettes she’s been smoking on the balcony before she goes out. That perfume never did really hide the smell from my parents.

A couple of months ago I recorded Music for Films on Resonance FM with Tim. I picked the Nico track I’ve included below as it featured in The Royal Tenenbaums. You can listen to my underlying Devonian lilt and waffling here.

You can play my letter L mixtape on Spotify or YouTube

  1. New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
  2. N.W.A – Express yourself
  3. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio
  4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Deanna
  5. Naughty By Nature – O.P.P
  6. Nirvana – About A Girl
  7. Nico – These Days
  8. Nina Simone – Sinnerman
  9. Neil Young – Heart Of Gold
  10. Neutral Milk Hotel – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

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August 30, 2012 at 11:40 am

Sunday Swoon. April 1st

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A week where I finished a book full of freaks and loved them all, spent hours being wowed by graphic art at Somerset House and discovered Afternoon Shift…

1. When I first started reading Katherine Dunn’s Geek Love I tweeted that I was more than a little disturbed by it. Thankfully people convinced me to persist. Yes it stems from a slightly sick and twisted imagination but the result makes the ugliest of things quite beautiful. It’s like the love child of Angela Carter and Neil Gaiman.

2. Something had to come along to stop my brain shouting “GRIMES” at me every time I paused when deciding what album to put on. Grinderman 2 RMX appears, for the moment, to be that album. The Joshua Homme remix of Mickey Bloody Mouse is something quite special. I can be guilty of dismissing remix albums as lazy but this doesn’t lack in imagination and is brilliantly produced. You can listen to is on Spotify here.

3. The Daily Mash had me in hysterics over their festival for twats piece this week. If there was ever an article I wish had come from my brain it could be this one.

4. Somerset House have hosted a contemporary graphic art fair called Pick Me Up. Thanks to good egg Jo I was able to cram in on the final day and was completely overwhelmed by the standard of artists on display. Oh to be rich and snap everything up. From Paul X Johnson’s soft and romantic figures to Zim & Zou’s paper Polaroid camera’s. Extensive, vast, varied and washed down with coffee and ham and piccalilli rolls.This really deserves a post of its own, you can find photos on my Flickr.

5. Huge thanks to @goodstufftom who put me on to Afternoon Shift this week. I will use his words “informative, clever and not stuffy at all”. For radio fans please give it a listen

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