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On Thursday 1st September I trotted off to see Pulp for the third time this year, lucky old me. I was also sort of celebrating, albeit in a muted fashion. For those that stalk follow me on Twitter you’ll know I was made redundant a few weeks ago and a melodramatic panic set in. Let me tell you, in this recession riddled climate trying to find a job is harder than what the actual job entails in London right now. I started buying lottery tickets, wondering how long I could stretch out a homemade batch of Daal, considered how much of a pay cut I could budget for. I was never a student, I have always worked, so I am unskilled and unprepared for this kind of life. I’m the kind of idiot that spanks £20 on magazines just to look at the pictures while sat with a monster sized frozen yoghurt while painting my nails with a colour purchased on a whim.

Then I got the job I wanted. Out of all the soulless corporations I’d traipsed through this was the one. Normal sorts who I had an actual laugh with in the interview. What a perfect way to celebrate. Give me a stubbly man with non-existent hips any day of the week to make me feel like I’m in Mecca (lucky for me that description also fits the boy Lolita). I celebrated with my long suffering flat-mate and Jarvis Cocker. Looking back at the setlist it was every song I wanted, if Pink Glove had been included my life would have been too perfect. I’d of passed out like the girl in front of me (who found the grinding during This Is Hardcore too sexual. Not mine. Jarvis Cocker’s). Pulp purists got to hear tracks from Live Bed Show all the way back to Countdown.

Except I felt like I couldn’t cast off the shackles of unemployment quite yet. They were being thorough in their reference checks (in my mind I was just too good to be true, in reality they are a small firm and just being understandably cautious) and until that cleared I’ve continued to temp at a very religious embassy who own giant pritt sticks & eat a lot of KFC. Old colleagues told enough necessary lies about me to give me the green light. I found out yesterday that I start tomorrow.

I never got a chance to sit around in my dressing gown watching Jeremy Kyle THANK FUCK!

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Written by Anon PA

September 7, 2011 at 10:06 am