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A Happy Easter Glastonbury Mixtape

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I never sleep well during a full moon. So if you add that to Tinnitus playing its wicked part in a lack of a peaceful nights sleep regardless of the lunar cycle, this week has been restless. At some point around 4am Wednesday morning I started trying to compile an Easter mixtape but all that kept popping into my head was songs from Jesus Christ Superstar and Blue’s All Rise (blame a catholic upbringing and drinking a lot of cider in a town that loved pop, tacky boy bands and R&B). Despite the fact that the mere mention of these songs runs the risk of creating unwanted earworms to anyone foolish enough to be reading I didn’t want to actually put you through hearing them.

Last night as I was sat sinking pints listening to my male colleagues talk golf and scrolling through my phone the Glastonbury line up was partly announced (I know there’s more to come because Thom Yorke in some guise wasn’t listed so I am still hopeful for John Grant and Yeah Yeah Yeahs in my wildest dreams). So instead of Easter this mixtape is based on those first knee jerk excitements as I glanced through the stages. I can smell the petrichor, sloe gin in hip flasks and the mud already.

You can play this on either YouTube or Spotify. Have a very merry Easter. ♥

  1. Phoenix – Girlfriend
  2. Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood
  3. Solange – Losing You
  4. Villagers – Becoming A Jackal
  5. Foals – Milk & Black Spiders
  6. The Rolling Stones -Ruby Tuesday
  7. Devendra Banhart – Can’t Help But Smiling
  8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nobody’s Baby Now
  9. Nas – The Message
  10. The Horrors – Still Life
  11. Vampire Weekend – Diane Young
  12. Haim – Falling
  13. Local Natives – Breakers
  14. Rodriguez – Inner City Blues
  15. Peace – Bloodshake

Sunday Swoon. April 8th

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A holiday camp under tunnels, The Futureheads in a church, David Hockney’s epic collection. London never fails to delight me…

1. The Futureheads at Union Chapel this Wednesday were achingly sublime , faultless and I was completely smitten. My full review for Flush The Fashion can be read here so I shan’t reiterate my point, a few photos from the evening are on my Flickr. I implore you to catch them if you’re a curious and genuine music lover that wants to hear something brand new. Their album Rant is also out this week and has pretty much constantly played along with the album featured below.

2. I feel like I’ve been waiting an age for this album to arrive, from the moment Will Self  declared it his most anticipated album of 2012 via a rare Twitter appearance, to the change of release date putting it back. Internet Forever are simply a perfect band to me. Melodies, catchy sing along lyrics, pop, shoegazing, eerie 60’s undertones, indie. They make you feel as if you’re listening to all your favourite genres in one go without being crowded, overly complicated or scenester.

3. One of my very favourite London venues, The Old Vic Tunnels, once again came up top trumps over Easter Weekend with their pop-up Holiday Camp. Brilliant DJ playing the right amount of classic tack and pop to shake your jelly, indoor campfire, badminton. Old memories of summer holidays under the grey, dank, dark tunnels. Although hitting the bouncy castle on a full stomach of gin was not our wisest decision of the night. 

4. Sean Penn + Francis McDormand + the music of David Byrne had to only = a film I would love. This Must Be The Place is tragic, heart cracking sad but ultimately weirdly funny and redemptive. Actually found myself making triumphant and jubilant “aaahh” and “yyyeeaaayyy” noises at the screen.

“Dark flowers bloom in the autumnal garden that grows inside of me”

5. Being organised comes in handy when you can smugly walk past a very woeful but determined looking line of people chancing their luck at trying to get into David Hockney. Had I not pre booked I’m not sure I’d have lasted out in the rain. The Yorkshire landscapes made me feel nostalgic for my country upbringing in Devon. Luscious valleys reminiscent of Totnes. His paintings are overwhelming, from charcoal sketches to the colossal connected canvases painted from memory, to the same country tunnel revisited during the seasons. Definitely had an art high yesterday. Final day today just incase my words that don’t do it justice inspire you to run down to the Royal Academy of Arts. 

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