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Sedum Trays (Dirty Fingers)

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Yeah I’m blogging about Gardening now. Glance around my flat and you’ll see an abandoned vintage typewriter, knitting needles wedged on top of some books, my acrylic paints are under the TV, remnants of last years Sloe Gin are on our (dwindling) drinks shelf, my bike is outside and now I have a sedum tray at my feet. I am a hobby whore. I will never settle on one thing long enough to perfect it. A sentence that can be applied to most areas in my life.

My mum is an amazing gardener. When we first moved into the family home when I came along thirty-five years ago our gardens were paved over, not even a weed poked through the concrete. My mum turned them into a brightly coloured haven, carefully choosing plants to attract our disappearing butterflies and bees. Last time I was at home she made me think of gardens as an art form. “Think about all the colours you see around you in nature. It’s like picking out colours you’d want to paint with.”


Having just moved into a flat with the luxury of some outdoor space we set about making a sedum tray. It’s like building your own miniature garden. When you head out to a garden centre (or my favourite Columbia Road flower market) you’ll need a decent size pot and then chose a mixture of succulents and alpine plants (ones that effectively thrive well in hard conditions and grow well when clumped together).


Prepare your pot by lining the bottom with a smashed old plant pot (obviously not the plastic ones) which will help with the drainage. Mix some grit in with your soil (as they don’t like getting too wet). Don’t bother wearing gloves, I think there’s something about getting dirty hands that is far more satisfying. Just make sure you pack the soil tightly between each of the plants you put in and don’t pack it out too much, remember these plants will blossom and grow! The photo below was taken the moment we put this together, now the plants tumble over the sides or reach up to the sky.

Sedum trays don’t need a lot of care which is what makes them so perfect (it helps that succulents retain water). You won’t need to water it constantly every 7-10 days. Just make sure you snip off any dead flowers to make room for new ones to grow. Like getting a fringe trim!

sedum tray

Finally, here’s a gardening inspired playlist for you all, featuring Bat for Lashes, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Jeff Mangum, Wild Nothing, PJ Harvey and more. Enjoy.


Written by Anon PA

August 13, 2013 at 12:40 pm