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Sunday Swoon. August 26th

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Its been a few weeks since I posted my weekly round-up. I have a new obsession with Lido’s and running around my local park. Time is ticking before half of London’s close for the winter however so service shall be resumed. A musical, book nerdy, Hackney mix below…

1. I was late to the hype surrounding Jessie Ware but now I have the album I find myself regularly lost in what sounds like the love child of Sade and Prince. Album Devotion is out now, instantly accessible and a pleasure to the ears from start to finish.

2. Every now and again a book lands in my hands that I just get utterly lost in and can’t put down. Thanks to Phil on Twitter Ben Aaronvitch came to my attention and in a week I’ve read both Rivers of London and Moon Over Soho. Think Neil Gaiman meets Luther under London skies. Itching to read the third in this series. I want to magic Peter Grant (the lead character) into existence. Somehow.

3. The lovely people behind Hackney WickED couldn’t host their two-day festival this year due to the Olympics, but they still managed to deliver a smaller knees up in a Shoreditch car park. Good cocktails, local artists, the weird and wonderful all served up on battered leather sofas and sand. Such a shame I couldn’t repeat last years weekend but looking forward to its return to the Wick next year. Photo’s from last year on Flickr. See their website for more events and open studio days.

4. One of my biggest band crushes Sleigh Bells have just released a video for End of the Line. Alexis Krauss looks like a Bronte vampire while she laments over the end of a relationship. I love this. Gives me the urge to be barefoot in rags and red lipstick, wandering over Hampstead Heath.

5. When I spotted Stealing Sheep had released Into The Diamond Sun it was a lesson in how time flies as I could have sworn I reviewed Noah & The Paper Moon a couple of months back for Flush The Fashion. Turns out that was November last year. This follow-up is trippy folk and is a contender for my album of the year.


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