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Sunday Swoon. March 4th

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A book about an anti-hero, a lot of art, some cocktails and brilliant music….

1. Huge thanks to Jo for bringing this book to my attention, this is Anna Richards first novel and it’s stunning. Can’t wait to see what her imagination conjures up next. If you love an anti-hero (heroine in this case) then I recommend Little Gods. The entire way through the book I felt such hope for someone who has no hope for herself at all. Beautiful.

“Happiness should come with a warning. A brightly coloured label at least.”.  

                                                                                                                                – Anna Richards

2. Don’t be fooled by Jeremy Deller’s (Joy In People, Hayward Gallery) fluorescent acid house posters, there’s serious social messages playing hard throughout his retrospective. The 1984 miners strike coverage and the wreckage of a bombed car from Baghdad  especially slapping me in the face after spending time in front of neon posters depicting lyrics from The Smiths drinking free tea. David Shrigley’s (Brain Activity, Hayward Gallery) crudely drawn and hysterically funny quips always have me howling with laughter at the sick, mundane and plain obvious. Yayoi Kusama took me through her groundbreaking confident pop art to more fragile pieces after she hospitalised herself in 1977 (it still remains her home). Ultimately it was her Infinity Room that I wanted to curl up in be left in solitude. Amazing afternoon along London’s Southbank. London is out doing itself with exhibitions this year and we’re only three months in.

3. Oh bright young thing Lianne Le Havas you have utterly stolen my heart. Her EP Forget was released this week and if you haven’t purchased it yet then I highly recommend you stick your hands in your pockets. Soulful and sweet.

4. Bury me in a mound of Hawksmoor’s smashed cucumbers and shaky pete’s ginger brew and I think I’ll be happy in eternity. We went to the soft launch of their new cocktail bar in the basement of their Spitalfields branch Saturday night . Hawksmoor must be quietly confident that everything they touch turns into THE place to go and this latest edition will add to their empire. Glimmering brass and flickering candles soften the basement and the staff positively set off indoor fireworks. Service comes with charm, relaxed smile and a natural friendliness. Soundtrack felt like they’d plugged my iPod in and at a volume where you could chat with ease. Food was expertly cooked, burgers served in brioche buns, poutine and triple cooked chips. Cocktail combinations were zingy, worryingly moreish and far from your average uninspiring mojitos.

5. I wish I could give you a detailed account of the Sleigh Bells gig at Camden’s Electric Ballroom but truth be told I was gin drunk. I do have a vivid recollection of dancing a lot and being transfixed with Alexis Krauss performance. I can’t imagine she’s that rehearsed or calculated for her striking silhouettes to be so intentional, she’s just a natural performer, knows how to dance with an energy rivalling Iggy Pop and has potential to be a great, great frontwoman.  

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  1. Sleigh Bells are everywhere all of a sudden!…Including my twitter- you have no idea how many people have been tweeting about them lately- I love Alexis “little girl” voice, so soft but powerful at the same time. Little Gods… never heard of that book- I’m off to amazon… love good book recommendations! Lianne Le Havas, beautiful voice, beautiful girl, beautoful talent. You have very good taste, my friend…

    I Made You A Mixtape

    March 5, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    • She makes you want to kick around in white pumps and denim cut offs ALL THE TIME, well at least that’s how she makes me feel! Please let me know what you think of Little Gods, honestly one of the most brilliant books I’ve read in a very long time! Thanks for the comments!!!! Made my day.

      Anon PA

      March 5, 2012 at 3:00 pm

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