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January 16th Mixtape. Postmodernism

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I visited the V&A’s Postmodernism Style & Subversion 1970-1990 exhibition yesterday so it feels fitting that I should pay tribute to the musicians that were considered part of this movement.

During the exhibition I tweeted how the only downside to exhibitions such as this can be the people who attend. Those that seem to think they know more than the people who have lovingly researched and curated what is on display. I am no art expert, in fact I am naive and uneducated when it comes down to it. I don’t mind admitting that I’d never heard of Ettore Sottsass before yesterday, but now I am in love with his crazy teapots designed as ‘super instruments in which to take drugs, have sex, listen to music and watch the stars’ (why oh why can’t all teapots be like that, making a brew will forever feel unfulfilling now).

I guess it just saddens and frustrates me that people feel the need to impress is greater than the need to pipe down and learn something new. The biggest fail was hearing one man speak in detail to his companion about how David Bowie was inspiring in Talking Heads as we stood below David Byrne’s ‘big suit’. Saying all that, the V&A once again delivered an insightful, educational, attention grabbing exhibition and I relished every moment spent there.

If I wasn’t being so true to the sounds of Postmodernism I’d have included CSS – Art Bitch on this playlist. Talking Heads, Grace Jones, New Order make up the tracks of that period, songs I grew up listening too as my sisters blasted them out of their bedrooms. Click here to play on Spotify, and here for YouTube.

  1. Devo – Whip It
  2. Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm
  3. New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
  4. Grandmaster Flash – The Adventures Of..
  5. Visage – Fade To Grey
  6. Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It
  7. Kraftwerk – The Robots
  8. Talking Heads – Girlfriend Is Better
  9. Joy Division – Shadowplay
  10. Klaus Nomi – Finale


Written by Anon PA

January 16, 2012 at 12:59 pm

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