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The In Crowd (And Why I’m Outside Of It)

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One category I most definitely will never belong to is being part of “the in crowd”. I grew up in Devon where you gained your social status during your teenage years by the success of your beach party. I threw my first and last beach party when I was around 13. I say threw…

First step: Invite people to make the seven mile trek via a one bus only option that takes hours.

Second step: Lie to parents and make out you’re staying at a friend’s house for the night, conveniently a friend that has no landline and lives the opposite end of aforementioned seven mile trek

Third step: Wait at bus station patiently for people to arrive clutching a mixtape of Shakespear’s Sister and Snap.

Fourth step is where it all fell down. I have the patience of a saint (although my Cousin would claim its mild autism) as I waited for one hour… two hours… three, for no one to arrive. At the same moment the dawning realisation crept over me that I was indeed a painfully awkward, slightly odd teenager my parents car came round the corner. I hid. Behind a bottle bank.

I was found crouching behind it with some grapes and a bottle of Evian water. During the inevitable lecture I received once I was dragged back home my Dad quipped “What were you hoping to do with those anyway. Make wine?” My big sister campaigned for me not to be grounded due to the tragedy that I wasn’t even caught with a can of White Lightning. She felt that sorry for me (rightly so)

It doesn’t run in my family, this crippling crapness. My Dad was very much the leader of the pack. Dobie Gray’s track – The In Crowd was his anthem in 1965 when he scampered from London to Devon with his best mates to bunk into *The Dolphin, a Pontins Holiday camp, for the summer.

This blog post is for Dobie Gray, My Dad, all the people who are effortlessly cool. Long may I live in your shadows clutching my wine ingredients.

*It was during this summer my Dad met Mum, his very own version of “You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar”, except it was a holiday camp. Many years later it would be where I learnt to swim, whistle, sit really still when a bee landed on me and the dance routines to Agadoo and Superman.

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Written by Anon PA

December 9, 2011 at 10:10 am

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