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November 28th Mixtape – Friendly Fires Frenzoid

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Tonight I am full of steely determination. Determined to dry my knickers in time for the morning as I fly out to Istanbul a day earlier that I was expecting. Determined to post my weekly mixtape even though it will be a rushed effort. Determined to catch up on Misfits. I fully expect this post to therefore not be my finest moment, and I suspect I will be wearing damp pants tomorrow morning.

My birthday celebrations this weekend felt like I was at a festival. I’ve been weighing up whether it was the relentless, carnival energy Friendly Fires rocket at you. Or if it was being with all my nearest and dearest, most loved and genius raggedy bunch of friends. Both parties smashed it at Brixton Academy for me on Saturday night. This mixtape is solely dedicated to those on stage and those off it. The ones that poured cocktails down my neck, performed interpretive dances of my birth, trudged around Brixton until the early hours of Sunday morning with me when I craved more G&T. Yet more cherished gig memories as I get older… and older… and older.

If you’re a Spotify user click here to play the mixtape.

1. Lovesick/ 2. Jump In The Pool/ 3. Running away/ 4. Blue Cassette/ 5. True Love/ 6. On Board/ 7. Chimes/ 8. Skeleton Boy/ 9. Show Me The Lights/ 10. In The Hospital/ 11. Pala/ 12. Live Those Days Tonight/ 13. Hurting/ 14. Pull Me Back To Earth/ 15. Paris/ 16. Hawaiian Air/ 17. Kiss Of Life.

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Written by Anon PA

November 28, 2011 at 10:03 pm

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