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On Writing & Taking My Bra Off

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A week ago today I rushed from work down to The Royal Festival Hall to review Brian Wilson for Flush The Fashion. I was unprepared and disorganised (which is very ridiculous for a PA). At 33 it’s actually refreshing to feel inexperienced at something when so much in my life seems to be a matter of routine. Writing for a website is new territory for me, it’s exciting and terrifying. I get so excited about music that I skipped off without a care in the world.

Then my thought process kicked in…..

  1. I realised I didn’t have a pen which seemed like the ultimate rookie mistake. I tend to remember everything I need to (apart from what the boy Lolita swears he’s told me before) and I’ve worked with plenty of accountants that don’t always need a calculator. Ergo I don’t necessarily need a pen to write with. Of course I panicked when I got off at Waterloo and ended up paying £1.99 for one bic biro.
  2. When I took my seat I wished I’d paid more attention during GCSE music as I’m certain we covered Gershwin on the syllabus. But in 1991 I was way to busy listening to Prince & The New Power Generation, Diamonds and Pearls LP, on repeat to of concentrated fully. That’s when I had the revelation that approaching Gershwin like I approached my exams was exactly what I needed to do as that worked out just fine (i.e. zero revision, just turn up and see what happens)
  3. Then I realised just how uncomfortable I was, and the discomfort was all down to having had my bra on for thirteen hours. Not that I needed the encouragement, Twitter persuaded me to take it off. As the lights went down and Brian Wilson shuffled on to the stage I slipped it off. First one strap craftily slipped over one shoulder and over my arm and then zooommmmm, it was whipped off at lightning speed from the other strap. It makes you think whether that first pair of pants thrown at Tom Jones was really just someone in ill-fitting underwear?
  4. Everyone here is really very old but you can see the wonder on their faces as Brian Wilson and his band perform. This is exactly what The Cocoon wrap party was like, but with a band. I want to grow old like this.

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Written by Anon PA

September 23, 2011 at 11:08 am

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