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September 4th Mixtape – Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

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Sundays mixtape is intentionally a day late so I could pay homage to the sublime, unique genius that is Freddie Mercury. I am certain ALL of you are already peppering your day with Queen, playing with the Google Doodle & in my imagination you’re all wearing mo’s while pushing the Hoover around in high heels.

It is not a day late because I got locked in a pub in Shadwell until the early hours of Sunday morning and therefore was good for nothing but noodles and Dr Who yesterday. Otherwise the tone of this mixtape would have been a slow, pitying weeping. Not what Freddie Mercury deserves at all.

My earliest memories of Queen visually would be watching their performance on Live Aid. I don’t think I truly appreciated how great they were until I saw Freddie Mercury perform. He is one of the greatest frontmen, and a man not afraid to be himself at a time when minds weren’t as open as they are in the year he would have turned 65. He played such a huge part in forming our generations tolerance and understanding. I hope that somehow he left this planet knowing that.

“I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend” ~ Freddie Mercury

Click on mixtape to play my favourite Queen tracks, it’s not easy to limit such a back catalogue. Also if you have the time this week it is well worth watching the documentary Days Of Our Lives. Truly moving. 

  1. Under Pressure
  2. Keep Yourself Alive
  3. Save Me
  4. Tie Your Mother Down
  5. Don’t Stop Me Now
  6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  7. Killer Queen
  8. Seven Seas Of Rhye
  9. Another One Bites The Dust
  10. I Want To Break Free
  11. Somebody To Love
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Written by Anon PA

September 5, 2011 at 12:29 pm

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