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August 29th Mixtape – Guest Blog Thom Vincent

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This weeks mixtape is being brought to you courtesy of Thom Vincent. I’m having a week off, and it’s come at a much-needed time seeing as I’ve not actually managed to get out of bed yet after a picnic that turned into dancing in The Stag until the early hours & me trying to smoke an acorn as it was shaped like a pipe.

Here’s the thing about Thom. I met him through mutual friends and was instantly at ease in his company. He is nerdy, intelligent, funny and kind. Now he is living down under I can’t help but feel I did not spend enough time taking advantage of his company. Blighty will surely miss him.

He’s chosen one song from each of the ten albums he’s managed to squeeze onto his iPod shuffle while he wanders around Sydney. Enjoy his choices, I am quite in awe of his mixtape & the fact someone I know out there still has a iPod shuffle. However I have to dispute his comments on Foo Fighters, it is always cool to listen to them rock out. All tracks he’s chosen have a few words about them from the clever man himself 

1. Black Sheep – Metric
A wonderfully catchy tune from very entertaining but little known Canadian band. This song kicks ass in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
2. Foo Fighters – Rope
Just when you think listening to the Foo Fighters isn’t cool, they come out with another infectious, radio friendly rock tune. Don’t pretend you’re not smiling on the inside
3. Metronomy – Some Written
It’s a quintessential British pop album and it’s not going to far from my ears for a very long time
4. Darwin Deez – DNA
I have FromDeskTillDawn to thank for introducing me to this chap. Not a week goes by that I find a new favourite
5. TV On The Radio – Second Song
Takes a few seconds to kick in, but when it does that chorus is upbeat enough to make you strut
6. Anna Calvi – Love Won’t Be Leaving
Anna Who? This is what I would have said three months ago. Now I’m flying her flag
7. Charlie Darwin – The Low Anthem
This is a wonderful showcase and feels like a loving hug from your mother
8. Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo – Pause
I discovered this lady while I was watching The Shadow Line. A very inclusive folk musician
9. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
The most beautiful album in the world. You feel like you’re wearing a thick woolly jumper and sitting by a fireplace when you listen. It’s bloody evocative
10. Radiohead – Codex
Thom Yorke’s voice and piano – what more do you want? Maybe some strange vocal effect at the start? Okay, you can have that too

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Written by Anon PA

August 29, 2011 at 4:24 pm

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