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The birth of MTV many eons ago ensured that music was no longer strictly about the sense of hearing. Music became visual and artists were able to express themselves, spell their message out loud and clear. Perhaps this isn’t always a good thing. Music leaves our imagination free to carry us away, imprint our own experiences, connect with lyrics. Now artists can create a vision so strong it’s hard to conjure up anything other than what you’ve just watched on YouTube. Saying that I think it plays a huge part in how we relate to music now. A peep through a window to those that inspire, excite, create trends as much as they can ignore them.

This week has been an amazing week for new videos. I’ve watched these at every opportunity, over and over, and decided to link to them here in a very mini blog. Bjork appears like a space rave elfin courtesy of Michel Gondry. OK Go recreate the joy of childish Kaleidoscopes in human form. The Drums appear in understated hues, colours that match their nonchalant, self assured cool. Patrick Wolf released a perfect live rendition of Time Of My Life, set and performed like our decades very own Bacharach. Even if it’s just to help you get over hump day.  Enjoy.

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Written by Anon PA

July 27, 2011 at 3:16 pm

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