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With Love on 07/07

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I see the flowers at Aldgate station every day. Left by the families and friends who lost loved ones six years ago today. Subconsciously something in me started giving a little nod to the shrine each time I pass in recognition, remembrance. It’s a daily reminder that life is so very precious.

This morning a lady stood there arranging her bouquet amongst the increased numbers of blooms marking todays anniversary. As I walked past she was blotting tears away, quietly and with dignity. Part of me wanted to reach out to her, but there is something in strangers grief that is so private and unshareable.

Instead I wondered what pain she was feeling, who she had lost, what her story was.

It was this woman, standing there alone that really made me look around me today. People giving up their seats and holding doors open for others. People darting through traffic just to pick up groceries, deodorant, washing powder. A woman feeding the pigeons off Oxford St laughing as they flew up around her, a cooing frenzy. People slamming down their phones with the raging hump, people saying “I Love You” before hanging up calmly. People looking lonely, happy, at ease, harassed. People wearing inappropriate footwear in torrential rain, and people wearing too many layers when the sun came out. People getting their dream jobs, people stoically putting up with ones they don’t like. People running for their trains to get home to the TV and a meal for one or to a house full of people dear to them.

Everyone all over London today just plodding along with their lives, it really made me think. We’re really quite wonderful aren’t we. Human Beings. 

Written by Anon PA

July 7, 2011 at 7:35 pm

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