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Family Affair At Kings Of Leon

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Once upon a time I walked in Woolworth’s in Paignton and picked up Kings of Leon Youth & Young Manhood based on the cover alone. Keith Richards had once said that every music lover should do that, make a blind decision and see what you discover. I’m not sure it’s so possible to do this now we’re in the age of the internet. We sometimes know too much. I still remember the first time I played it, vividly.

Last night they played an amazing set list, in spite of Caleb insisting he “sounds like a frog” and was suffering from flu (he sounded perfect). My Dad even went so far to claim that Caleb could eventually rival Springsteen as a frontman.  Even though I know all their albums inside out I was still a bit stunned by their  back catalogue. 25 tracks were played in total! I’m always loathe to use term ‘the band sounded so tight’. Afterall it’s their job, if they didn’t it would be like me turning up to work and not knowing how to use a computer. However, they truly did.

I went with my parents and brother. My parents are responsible for my love of music, and in their 60’s seemed to be getting a lot of attention and respect from the crowds (either that of everyone thought they were Larry Lamb & Alison Steadman who they strongly resemble). I can’t tell you how happy and proud I was to be sharing the gig with them, highlighted by people around us repeatedly telling me how amazing they both were, that they wanted to be adopted.

My only worry was when Dad disappeared for a long time. When he came back turns out he’d run into someone he had been expelled from school with 53 years ago. How they recognised one another after so many years I don’t know, but my Dad is not someone you’d forget!

Me: What did you get expelled for?
Dad: Shoplifting
Me: Did he get expelled for the same thing?
Dad: No, that idiot took a shit in the Thames. Told him not to

What can I say, both parents had very working class upbringings in London.

Tickets were going as little as £5 outside, perhaps Glastonbury has affected the touts business (good!) so if you’re not heading to Pilton Farm tonight and it’s easy for you to get to London it’s worth the risk even if you’re without ticket. I’m off to Glastonbury now, where I plan on little sleep, a lot of music. Very excited to contributing to The Guardian via Twitter during the festival as well. Here’s to blue skies. 

Kings of Leon played: Four Kicks ● Taper Jean Girl ● Pistol of Fire ● My Party ● The Immortals ● Fans ● Arizona ● Back Down South ● On Call ● McFearless ● Crawl ● The Charmer ● The Bucket ● Notion ● Closer ● Mary ● No Money ● Pyro ● California Waiting ● Molly’s Chambers ● Knocked up ● Sex On Fire ● Radioactive ● Use Somebody ● Black Thumbnail



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June 23, 2011 at 10:14 am

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