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May 29th Mix Tape

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This is an attempt at a regular feature to be posted Sundays, which no doubt I will neglect when the first big ass hangover kicks in. Thankfully I got drunk early afternoon yesterday, which inevitably ended with me wanting a massive meal so I was sober again by midnight, achievement.

It’s the tracks, bands, videos I’ve been engrossed in and obsessed with this week at random. Click on the word Spotify to go to the mixtape.


  1. Happy Birthday Bob Dylan! 70 this week. I’ve met many a Bob Dylan fan over the years, kids a decade younger than me in sticky indie clubs, politics teachers who owned every vinyl he’s ever produced, my parents, a lot of people on Twitter it seems. It would be impossible to chose one track but the first Bob Dylan album that I truly connected with is Desire. So my spotify playlist would ideally start off with Hurricane, except it’s not on spotify. How inconvenient! Instead I’ve gone for It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue purely based on what Dylan there is on Spotify.
  2. I have been playing this over and over and I am so gutted they played in London recently and I didn’t know about it. Massive fail on the live music front. This song makes me involuntary jig my shoulders a lot, the whole song, whether I’m stood up or sat down. Black Lips, Family Tree.
  3. This band are on my MUST SEE AT ANY COST this year. She reminds me of the person I’d of liked to of been at school, I was far from this don’t-give-a-shit-cool of course. I had bad skin, glasses, my face was basically all eyes, nose & fringe. Still is. Reading this back I sound like a badly sketched Bash Street Kid. Sleigh Bells, Rill Rill.
  4. I am very excited about seeing Battles, the highlight of my music purchasing week was skipping up to Rough Trade and pondering over the limited edition 12″ of Ice Cream. The slightly manically mental sound of this single is what I imagine the white noise in my brain to sound like.
  5. This came on when I was sat in The Breakfast Club with a friend drinking whiskey far too early in the day. We knew all the words but the artist escaped us, it’s been in my head all week. One of those one hit wonders long forgotten. Billie Myers, Kiss The Rain.
  6. Talking Heads are one of my favourite bands, and This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) is my favourite track of theirs and you should all listen to it. That is all.
  7. This song feels like something Phil Spector should of produced, before he flipped out. Lykke Li goes all sad in a sexy way, Sadness Is A Blessing.
  8. I have an odd relationship with Julian Casablancas, almost like you’d view a younger brother who frequently makes ridiculous mistakes (dubious style choices, turning in bad performances, getting a bit chubby) but frequently turns in moments of genius. The song 11th Dimension from his solo album is one of those special moments for me, reminding me of why he’s cool really (no, really). I think it offers the best advice ever penned in a song and it never fails to make me pull up straight, be a better person & smile.
  9. Pearl Jam’s Alive came on the radio yesterday while I was getting ready to go out, I instantly felt like a teenager again and from all the hours spent listening to 6 Music this week it was this track that was the most welcome surprise.
  10. Even you Beyonce haters should be impressed with the stage production on her performance at The Billboard awards this week. I’ve never seen anything like it. Even my flat mate was taken with it, and to quote him “I think it’s awesome and I generally don’t get much”. It’s not about the song haters, we all know it’s bum. I just think she’s a great performer.

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May 29, 2011 at 4:55 pm

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