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It’s really raining in London today, tipping it down in fact. There is a little corner in London that feels like sunshine though.Topshops Secret Store launched today, collaborating with Wild at Heart florists. I’ve never been a fan of cut flowers, two thoughts immediately siren in my head on the occasions I’ve received them.

  1. They’ll probably die tomorrow & I’ll have to throw them in the bin. What a waste.
  2. This is an unoriginal gift.

No longer. Wild at Heart have created some beautiful pieces. Glittery neon jam jars, plant pots spotted, dotted, stickered & sparkling. It is the first time I have seen flowers displayed in such a unique way, it makes your usual florist look like it has no personality whatsoever.

There are plotted pants too, and you can also get a bouquet made up. It’s around for a fortnight so treat yourself or someone who needs to feel special. Its also reasonably priced, I spotted some items starting at £6. I settled for two jam jars crammed with roses, carnations, dahlias, irises (the last two species are guesses so I’m going to stop now in case I get angry messages for not knowing my flora. It was my reward for putting up with an awful boss for the past eight months. I keep glancing over at them every sentence, they’re making me feel really happy.

I did get told off for taking pictures, not by the nonchalant security guard standing by, but by a Topshop staff member. I hope they can forgive me for blogging about this, I just wanted to share it, I spent at least an hour browsing and wanted to buy everything, the staff manning it were also equally sunny in their disposition. Please visit, my illegal photos will hopefully give you a taste… or should that be smell?


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May 26, 2011 at 6:16 pm

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