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The Most Beautiful Song

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“You always say my name, like I wouldn’t know it’s you. At your most beautiful”

R.E.M, At My Most Beautiful

If anyone out there is struggling for ideas for Valentines day just send them this song. I think this track is the most beautiful song ever penned, and I defy anyone who isn’t moved by the picture Michael Stipe paints of counting a lovers eyelashes when they are sleeping, “with every one whisper I love you”.

I’m not someone who partakes in Valentines day. I have gone out of the way this year by braving South of the Thames, Borough Market to pick up Pieminister Pies for my young lover (hereon known as Lolita). At the most he may remember to pick up the mash. We’re realists, not romantics. Saying that, music played a huge part in how we first became friends, it was our shared passion and continues to be. Sending one another youtube links to tracks we loved and wanted to share every day. I used to click on the links, breaking out in to a smile at certain tracks, or reading into the lyrics as a way of deciphering if it was a message, a hint.
Of course, don’t copy out the lyrics and attempt to pass this off as your own poetry or love letter. A music lover will sniff out lyrics at twenty paces. Like the time John-Paul Passmore copied out the lyrics to Michael Bolton’s track, How am I supposed to live without you, and slipped them into my maths homework. Epic Fail. ♥

PS Leave me a comment and let me know which songs you think are as beautiful, if they make me weep I’ll send you one of Morrissey’s buttons!


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May 23, 2011 at 11:57 am

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