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Sue & Johns Excellent Adventure (#23 A Song I Want Playing At My Wedding)

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This is honestly the toughest one on here as I don’t see Marriage as something I’ll partake in. The only reason I can think of that’s pro-wedding is the opportunity to have a fuck off massive party & I’m led to believe that’s not a good enough reason. So for that very reason I have decided to pay homage to my parents wedding, which I never tire hearing about, and so the story goes…

Sue was working as a waitress in a Pontins camp (& you thought I was going to say cocktail bar) when John first set eyes on her. She was working at The Dolphin & he had bunked down to Devon for the weekend with friends. They were both Londoners. He stayed longer than planned, & then according to Sue “dumped me every other week for a year or two” in-between Devon & London.

Eventually John approached Sue’s Dad, Bert, to ask for her hand in marriage like tradition once used to call. Bert told John to fuck off. John told Bert that Sue was pregnant, so Bert conceded and said “alright, you better do the decent thing then” .

They wed in Brixham, the town they met. I don’t know much about the ceremony itself other than the church it was held & the dress Sue wore. It was a Jaeger white mini dress with a cape & simple flowers in her hair. I know people will think me bias but I think their photo below is stunning, growing up I always thought it deserved to be a Athena poster. Always miffed I didn’t inherit the best of their looks, but happy to share their intellect I hope.

It is their wedding reception that has always amused me. It was held in a pub that still stands today, The Bolton. At some point John persuaded Sues younger brother to sneak behind the bar to steal booze, but he was caught in the act and the landlord turfed the wedding party out on to the streets. Everyone just walked to the nearest pub, but Sue lost sight of everyone & has painted a picture of standing in the middle of Brixham high street in her wedding dress sobbing. She was reunited eventually of course. 

A lot of their friends had travelled down from London to share the happy day, in cars lacking tax, MOT’s (& probably their owners in some cases) and parked illegally. The next morning the friendly local bobby knocked on John & Sues door to investigate, the motley crew standing at the door denied all knowledge & spent the interrogation flicking ash into the policeman’s helmet which he had tucked under his arm, upside down. Determined to expose the culprits he then hid waiting for the owners to return to their cars. When they eventually did he jumped out into the road to stop them & they all tooted their horns and drove around him. 

So this is to my wonderful parents, who have done a brilliant job of raising this slightly odd ball girl. They are the one’s who know me best & never let me down. Their wedding song, I Got You Babe. Sonny & Cher. ♥


Written by Anon PA

May 23, 2011 at 2:41 pm

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  1. […] has to come from somewhere”. So yes, why not from Torbay, The English Riviera. Where my parents met, where they eventually wed & raised four children. Where I lost my virginity, got caught […]

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