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New Reader? Start Here…

Hello there! The idea of this blog was inspired by the discovery that Lidl’s sell bottles of “wine” for £1.99 and that my friends will drink anything. I feel that I could possibly end the story there.

I have been writing a blog about my work for over a year now, From Desk Till Dawn. The genius element of the Lidl’s wine is that it makes you question exactly what makes you happy and for me it’s always been music. I’m not sure if it was the wine or my friends that reminded me of that.

The story goes that from the moment I plummeted to this earth, 33 years ago, I was utterly and passionately in love with Music. Whenever my Dad was left babysitting he would put on his 8 tracks and vinyls, turn the volume up LOUD and I was the happiest tot alive. My mum was worried it would damage my little ears, but I think it done more than that. I think it buried itself deep into my skin, to the point where I see my life having a constant soundtrack, music has been my constant and faithful companion. Give it to me on vinyl, a mix tape, CD, MP3, live, on the radio…I will take it in any format. ♥

The sort of things I blog about… 

On From Desk Till Dawn I have blogged about my job as a PA so it’s mainly been about awkward bosses, children in the work place, the regular work moans and Sunday blues those of us suffer in 9-5. I don’t claim to be the calibre of music reviewers and bloggers out there. What I hope to do is share the stories I have linked with music and hopefully make you all smile, for me as I have developed this blog what has really stood out for me is how strong my ties with music and memory, emotions are. ♥

NB: Lidl’s wine also makes you drag your friend down the park at 4am with a bottle of prosecco and your ipod. After an hours sleep you may feel slightly lacking in brain cells. Here’s hoping it was worth writing off a Sunday for. ♥

Written by Anon PA

May 23, 2011 at 11:52 am

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