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Magic at Caledonian Road – Part 1

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I love stumbling into unexpected, creative, magical things. For me, that usually comes in the form of hearing a song on the radio when you find yourself suddenly rooted to the spot. A song that brings back a memory or something new that you instantly connect with. That feeling also can come to me through a book, a thoughtful gesture, a talented friend and through art. Another great passion of mine.

Last night the magic arrived courtesy of Kim, who works for TfL at Caledonian Road station. I was stopped in my tracks but this quietly confident woman who was creating art from a tub of pens and the white boards usually reserved for the usual travel disruption announcements we are all used to in London.

Kim creates a picture a week, then it is wiped clean, and she starts again with her next piece. Each one signed off by name to her “Lovelies” with a positive message for us worn down, exhausted rush hour commuters. When I pounced on her and asked if I could take photo’s she was insistent that she’s not an artist. I disagree. I want to try and visit at least once a week and keep capturing her temporary installations, I’m determined to document it now I have discovered her. Full photos can be found on my flickr account if you want to see more. It will give you a little bit of faith in our our transport system, and I guarantee if you’ve had a tough week that seeing this will lift your spirits. How could it not?  ♥


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May 23, 2011 at 12:09 pm

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