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#5 A song that reminds me of someone. 30 Day iTunes Song Challenge

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Everyone in my life is a music lover, quite frankly I think people who don’t like music are dead behind the eyes. I don’t trust them, seriously who doesn’t like music? So any number of people could of popped into my head for this particular challenge, but I thought I’d be faithful to the first song that came into my head & who it reminds me of. 

I remember listening to this song in my sister, Amanda’s car. Not having the voice of an angel I recall her repeating the lyric back to me, “They will vanish away like your daddy’s best jeans, denim blue, fading up to the sky. And though you want them to last forever you know the never will, you know we will never will”. She loves that particular line. 

My sister has played a greater influence in my life than she’ll ever be aware of, I think a lot of my morals & how I treat people (which I hope is well) would be down to her. She is kind & thoughtful, has that rare talent where she’ll be more interested in what you have to say than leading the topic of conversation back to herself. I’m not entirely sure I’ve mastered that yet. Throw anything, I mean ANYTHING at her and she has the enthusiasm of a new born child (country hikes, swing ball, fossil hunting, taking a nap, mulling wine, the exciting, the mundane, the dull)

As an impressionable teenager I would look to her music tastes (Stevie Nicks, The Stone Roses, Pulp, Sleeper, The Smiths). When she was at university studying politics it was her warnings I would heed about Margaret Thatcher (Milk Snatcher), that we shouldn’t have to give up our surnames in marriage, not to let men open doors for us. It was from my sister, and not Germaine Greer, that I learnt the importance of independence & I owe it to her that I’ve always provided for myself, stood on my own two feet. 

I paint the picture of a mixed Saint & feminist I know, but she really is. That is apart from the time she persuaded my Mum that I should go out on New Years Eve dressed as a St Trinians girl in my actual school uniform, aged fourteen. After getting me horrendously drunk on white lightning she then neglected me on a local memorial statue in Brixham harbour, I presume the amusement of having your little sister underage drinking worn off when I was at the point of needing my stomach pumped. My other sister Sam found me spanking someone with my tennis racquet. A policeman then asked if I was underage drinking, my answer was to throw up at his feet. I neither confirmed nor denied! My mum didn’t speak to my sister for days, although it did put my off drink for a couple of years so to this day believes she done me a favour. Raise a glass of cheap cider to my sister, the first person to get me horribly, life changing, liver damaging drunk. ♥


Written by Anon PA

May 23, 2011 at 12:23 pm

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