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#4 A Song The Makes Me Sad. 30 Day iTunes Song Challenge

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In August 1997 a truly dear family friend passed away. Too young, too tragic, too soon. 

Bill Loram was salt of the earth. He didn’t smoke, rarely drank, ran the local athletics club & played football. He was hard working and took great of his family and was always there for ours as well. He was taken ill unexpectedly and unfairly, it left a deep impression on me & was a harsh lesson that life is unfair and to treasure your loved ones. Bill left behind four amazing women in total, his wife and three girls. He hasn’t got to see six grandchildren grow up. 

Our family were so lucky growing up next door but one to the Loram family, I could type out a million childhood memories linking us. If I ever went up to their house & knocked on the door I’d look up and Bill would always pull faces through the small pane of glass at the top before letting you in. When I visit I still remember his face so clearly, often standing on the door step for a while before realising he was there. 

It’s sometimes difficult to put into words how sadness & grief can wash over you. It’s impossible to try & convey that to the people who are going to feel the loss the most. A month after his funeral The Verve released this single from Urban Hymns. And while it’s an obvious choice, the fact it came out so soon after we lost him spoke to me so directly & still does to this day. And although the song makes me sad, I count myself lucky I grew up knowing him. 

This is for Bill who is missed ♥


Written by Anon PA

May 23, 2011 at 12:21 pm

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