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#29 A Song From My Childhood. 30 Day iTunes Song Challenge

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Strangely the first person who pops into my head when I think about songs from my childhood is this genius man. 

I know he’s not responsible for the music before all you Muppet purists start wagging your fingers at me. But the opening titles to The Muppet Show are etched in my memory, synonomous with weekend TV & kippers on toast. The same goes for Fraggle Rock, so much so that I still refer to a small cove in Brixham where I grew up as Fraggle Rock after my sister used to tell me that’s where they lived. I still break out in to the theme tune whenever I walk past there. 

However, it’s a track from The Labyrinth that makes me think most of my childhood. This song still makes me grin from ear to ear like a complete goon, & it’s also probably responsible for my life long love to David Bowie. He made it acceptable for skinny men in tights to be considered hot, perhaps why I find Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake so sexual as an adult! ♥


Written by Anon PA

May 23, 2011 at 2:51 pm

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