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#11 A Song From My Favourite Band. 30 Day iTunes Song Challenge

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“Kasabian gigs are just wall to wall cock”

As my friend once famously said. Not so, Kasabian aren’t just for boys, they’re for us girls too. 

It would be impossible to chose my favourite band, if I started pondering this question then I would fall into such a pit of procrastination I would never climb back out again. Again, I’m being faithful to the first thing that pops into my head. 

It was love at first hear for this band when I first heard L.S.F on MTV2, summer of 2004. I was even willing to forgive them for having Queens of Noize in the video. Bands can come along and wake you out of lethargy, & you just know you’ll be faithful to them (something Johnny Borrell hugely misjudged when he started wearing white jeans & taking himself too seriously). They are the band I’ve been to see the most live, the band I itch in excitement over when I know a new album is coming out, a band I miss when they’re away. 

Glastonbury 2009 I was heard to quite often repeat “It’s all about Kasabian” when we were discussing who to see. I get giddy excited when I know I’m going to see them. There is a rather infamous video of me dancing, jumping and singing along to Fire, I look exactly how I’d imagine an over excited me to look. That is until I turn around to my best friend and say “Who’s that?” pointing to the stage. When she tells me it’s Kasabian my response is that of someone who’s confused, unbelieving & ultimately very horrendously drunk. I quite clearly reply “WHAT!! Up there NOW? LIVE?”

I’ve seen them at four festivals and five other gigs across London but the one that stands out is Brixton Academy December 2006. They are always epic, Thom Meighan strutting across the stage with a venom & petulance that makes Liam Gallagher look like a pretender. Serge Pizzorno with a more understated confidence, dark & brooding. What was memorable, and actually emotional, about this gig was when the band left the stage the whole of Brixton Academy singing/shouting the “La, La, La’s…”  from L.S.F all the way out on to the streets, up to the tube station & continuing way on the Victoria Line as everyone made their way home. It sends shivers through me when I think back to that night, how many bands can unite people like this. OK, so to a stranger it could of  resembled a throng of football louts, but it was patriotic in an odd type of way, beautiful & oh how I love them. ♥


Written by Anon PA

May 23, 2011 at 1:20 pm

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